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The Conservative Policy Forum is the Conservative Party’s policy discussion network. We are here to give Party Members the chance to discuss the major policy challenges facing Britain. Our work feeds into the manifesto preparation. CPF groups are active in constituencies in every region and area.

HOW IT WORKS: Each month, the CPF national team publishes a Discussion Brief on a broad topic such as housing, credit, skills or poverty. Groups of 2 to 22 or more meet regularly across the county to discuss our papers, answer some questions and feed into the policy making process. Submissions are read by the national CPF team who then send a detailed summary to the relevant Minister. 

REACHING OUT: We want to engage as many people as possible in the policy process, so the CPF also has a role in engaging with bob members. We hold events across the country and some of our most successful groups reach out to non members who are experts on a topic.


Topical briefs can be found at;


Please Note for details of the next Conservative Policy Forum Meeting please contact the Tatton Conservative Assocation Office.