ALL OUT August canvassing campaign commences

The first week of the Team Tatton ALL OUT August campaign, which runs through to the end of the month, saw Knutsford volunteers got off to a flying start on Day One.

“We need maximum effort, with willing volunteers in all wards out delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and getting our message across – and making phone calls,” urges Tatton Conservative Association Chairman Christine Gray. “The future is always an unknown. But there is one certainty. We need to be prepared for all eventualities, which means feet on the streets. On Day One, the team managed to turn a select number of doubters into supporters. That’s encouraging. But we want more. And it’s down to us to make it happen.”

Put your powers of persuasion to work. Call the Office on 01565 632181 or email for full information on campaigning dates and times in your area - there is a job for everyone!