Cllr Kate Parkinson helping those in need

Kate helps out with shopping

HIGH Legh ward councillor Kate Parkinson has been encouraging residents to get in touch if they need help with shopping, collecting medication or anything else essential.

During the lockdown, Cllr Parkinson has been delivering food to residents across her ward and has also helped with purchasing medical supplies.

Alongside taking orders Kate has been calling vulnerable residents, ensuring they continue to have some form of contact and normality in their life.

She said: “Though residents may be isolating or social distancing it is so important to let them know they are not alone, and help is always on hand.

“My parishes, those of which have got involved in helping vulnerable people, whether they are young or old, have done a wonderful job in organising a Street Champion service, which involves a key person on every street working to make sure no-one falls through the net and gets the essential supplies they need."

“The community spirit displayed in some areas is humbling to witness.”

Kate contacted all her parishes with an email to pass out to residents and has put her name on contact posters for those who want to get in touch.

“Whether that be via a telephone, an email or a video call, communication is so important during these difficult times,” she said.

“For many, this is an unprecedented and stressful situation, and speaking to someone can help ease some of this tension.

“If you know any neighbours who are in need, whether that be support, shopping or questions about specific issues, please pass on my contact details, 07565 158989.

“I have found quite a lot of elderly residents feel they are putting people out by asking for help.

“They should not feel worried about this, and I am happy to call them and get a list of items from them.

“Booths offers over-the-phone payment, so you do not need to worry about passing over money and the process is very simple.”

Cllr Parkinson encourages residents to contact her on 07565 158989. Alternatively, call 01565 632181 or via email