Mobberley Councillor Charlotte Leach welcomes Planning Enforcement Action

Cheshire East has issued an Enforcement Notice following a wave of objections from Local Residents and Mobberley Parish Council, supported throughout by their Cheshire East Ward Councillor Charlotte Leach.

An application on Moss Lane in the Green Belt was refused last June. However in the intervening period a significant area of hardstanding and urban fencing has been erected. Cheshire East Planning officers issued a Decision Notice that highlighted that;

“The proposal represents inappropriate development in the Green Belt, contrary to saved Macclesfield Borough Local Plan policies DC32 and GC1 and Cheshire East Local Plan policy PG3 and guidance on Green Belts contained within the NPPF.”

The Applicant and related interested parties have received the Notification and have been given 4 months to restore the area to that of agricultural land. Failure to do so will result in enforcement action and potential prosecution.

Cllr Charlotte Leach said: “I am pleased that the enforcement notice has now been issued by Cheshire East Council. 

In its current condition the site is a complete eyesore, and has caused considerable upset and concern to nearby neighbours.

"I will be keeping a close eye on the situation as things progress and am hopeful that the site is returned to its original condition as soon as possible."