Local News

Esther hears about the Jam Butty boy

A statue of a Jam Butty Boy has been unveiled in Barnton.

The memorial will act as a reminder of how Barnton achieved its high home ownership in the 1950s with families living on bread and jam to afford their property.

'Business as usual' for MP

Tatton MP Esther McVey has returned to the backbenches in Parliament following her resignation as Work and Pensions Secretary last week.

Cheshire unites against Dementia

On behalf of Alzheimer’s Society I would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to the many local residents who united against dementia by supporting the Cheshire Memory Walk.

Across Cheshire around 21,325 people are living with dementia and 850,000 are affected UK-wide.

Do you know Tatton's 'Best Small Shop?'

The search is now on to find the country’s best small shop.

Businesses across the area can put themselves forward for a chance of being crowned 2018 winners.